Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Senses Five Press Holiday Sale

Via Kelly Barnhill (on Facebook, but I can't really link that)

Senses Five Press, the publisher of the Sybil's Garage Magazine and the Paper Cities anthology, is having a half price sale for the Holiday season.  On everything (which would be 7 magazines and one book). 

Sybil's Garage is a very well regarded magazine.  I own a copy of issue 6, but haven't read it.  Not sure exactly how long the sale is running, but I'm inclined to do some shopping.  They've got e-copies of the early magazines on the cheap.  You know, the ones that built the reputation.

To whet the appetite (and something I just discovered), issues three and four are currently available for free download.  I do have to drop a disclaimer, though.  There's something wonky about he checkout process to download the files.  Even though they are PDFs, the shopping cart keeps trying to add a nominal shipping charge to the order.  I did send a note via the "Contact Us" link - which is likely to editor Matthew Kressel, and I'd expect that stuff to get figured out.

Regardless - if you've been looking to try out the newer issues of Sybil's Garage, this is the time to do it.  Half price for what is essentially a short anthology series (my copy of issue 6 is 100 pages with 16 stories and 13 poems).  Not a bad deal at all.

Edit: The situation with inadvertent shipping charges has been resolved.   

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