Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Iron Khan is here!

Well, electronically, that is. 

Editor Marty Halpern points out that the fifth volume of Liz Williams' Detective Inspector Chen series, The Iron Khan, has been published as an ebook by Morrigan Books.

Halpern mentions that a print edition is still planned and will be announced, but this is a great first step and it is wonderful to see that Detective Inspector Chen is still alive and kicking after the mess of this summer

I've had a Night Shade ARC of The Iron Khan for the last year, but held off on reading it - not knowing when, exactly, the manuscript would be published and if there were any substantial changes to it.  I still don't know this, but the real news is that the rest of the world will get the chance to read more Chen. 


Marty Halpern said...


Morrigan Books used the files for The Iron Khan that I provided them, so there should be no changes to the content from the edition that was to have been published by Night Shade Books.

So as far as your review of the book is concerned, go for it!

Marty Halpern

Joe said...

Thanks, Marty!

I'd been meaning to ask someone in the know about that. Appreciate it.