Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Justina Robson's Heliotrope

Via Torque Control, Justina Robson has a short story collection due out next year titled Heliotrope.  Here is the press release

Awesome news.  I haven't read much Robson outside her excellent Quantum Gravity series (start here) and a couple of her stories, but everything has been quite good.

Hopefully this collection can find its way over to the US and not taunt me from the UK.  It'll be one to look for. 


Niall said...

Given that Ticonderoga is an Australian small press, it'll be taunting both of us from overseas!

Joe said...

Oh, hell. I didn't know that!

Ticonderoga: Taunting the world since 1996.

Suppose I would have noticed that had I clicked anywhere else on that website or read beyond the first three paragraphs.