Monday, June 21, 2010

Ghosts of Manhattan, by George Mann

Ghosts of Manhattan
George Mann
Pyr: 2010

What do you get when you cross steampunk with a pulp-era vigilante hero? The answer is George Mann’s Ghosts of Manhattan. This is a 1920’s New York with prohibition in full swing. The era feels like what we would expect, but other aspects of history are different. The first World War still occurred, but America and England seem to be locked in something of a cold war threatening to go hot. The background is fascinating, but is ultimately a small part of the novel.

With shades of Bruce Wayne and Batman, Ghosts of Manhattan is entirely the story of a man taking the law into his own hands and meting out the justice that the police is unable to. There are gadgets, a dame, and plenty of action.

In only 236 pages, George Mann spins a fast paced urban adventure and introduces an excellent vigilante hero with what readers can hope will be the first volume of a new series. Ghosts of Manhattan is a blast to read and is the perfect book for when you want to kick back and just enjoy the ride. Ghosts of Manhattan is a smartly written modern take on a pulp adventure and is all about enjoying the ride.

Reading copy provided courtesy of Pyr Books


homes for sale manchester said...

This is a book that's been pretty high on my 'To Buy' list for a little while now. It looks like quite a bit of fun. I'm currently reading Boneshaker, which seems to be set along some of the same lines, so maybe it'll be a good followup read.

Carl V. Anderson said...

I am so glad to hear it. This book has looked intriguing every time I've seen it in the bookstore but hadn't gotten up the desire to pick it up.

And Boneshaker was great, hope you enjoy it homes.

Joe said...

This was a fun book. Good stuff.

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