Thursday, March 25, 2010


I've recently run across a few good interviews I wanted to highlight.

Newsarama interviews George R. R. Martin and Daniel Abraham on finally concluding the graphic novel Wild Cards: The Hard Call (written by Abraham). I hadn't been following the comics and just assumed it had been completed. Guess there had been some issues with Dabel Brothers.

Lou Anders interviews John Picacio over at
. This is more of a conversation and it's about Picacio's various work on Michael Moorcock covers.

Sarah Pinborough is interviewed at Floor to Ceiling Books. I've read two of Pinborough's stories (The Language of Dying, and "Our Man in the Sudan") and think she's fantastic, so I'm happy to come across the interview.

Also, Jason Baki at Kamvision interviews Pinborough. Very different interview from the other.

John Scalzi is interviewed at the Nebula Awards site by Tehani Wessely.

Also at The Nebula Awards, Charles Tan interviews Ted Kosmatka: Kosmatka is nominated this year for "Divining Light" and you may also know him for his excellent "Prophet of Flores".


Anonymous said...

Very kind of you to mention my Interview with Sarah Pinborough. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Magemanda said...

And thanks for the link through to my interview as well - I like how you recognised that it was different from Jason's since we worked together to make sure of that :-)

Carl V. Anderson said...

Thanks for the links, these all look like can't miss interviews. Guess I know how I can spend part of my weekend!