Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I Remember the Future on the Cheap

Okay, so I'm still a little disappointed that Burstein is not permitting his Nebula nominated story "I Remember the Future" to be freely read. That's fine. I'm over it, and this is probably going to be the last time I bring that up. I feel like a broken record and, honestly, I'm beginning to annoy myself.

The reason I am posting, however, is because Apex is running a sale via Drive Thru Sci Fi. All of the titles available to download (ebooks, y'all) are only $1.00. This includes Burstein's collection I Remember the Future.

So, despite my being a cantankerous bastard, I bought it. Yeah, it's a PDF and I hate those, and I'm sort of / kind of proving Burstein right in that I bought the collection for one story. Of course, I only paid one dollar for it and I wouldn't have paid the original $5.00 price for it because I'm just not that interested in the whole thing. I do applaud Apex's pricing model for the ebook (PDF or not), and had Gratia Placenti or Aegri Somnia been available, I probably would have sprung for them. Probably at the $5 mark as well, and I don't have a reader and don't really like reading fiction online (Shadow Unit notwithstanding).

If you have the itch to read the Nebula nominated "I Remember the Future", or the other stories in the collection (the PDF is something like 420 pages worth of content), this is probably your best bet to get it on the cheap.

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Bill Garthright said...

Thanks for the info on the sale. We're currently reading the Nebula Award nominations in the ModernScienceFiction2 Yahoo Group, and this was the only one we were missing. Ordinarily, we read stories that are freely (and legally) available online, but I can't complain about ONE DOLLAR, can I?

Besides, I haven't read anything by Michael Burstein, so this will give me that opportunity.