Sunday, February 07, 2010

Shadow Unit: Season Three begins

The third season of Shadow Unit began late last night with "The Unicorn Evils", written by Emma Bull and Elizabeth Bear. (it may be short-novel length, I'm trying to verify)

Back when I wrote about the first season, I said,
Shadow Unit is a blend of The X-Files, Criminal Minds, and probably a half dozen other police procedural / supernatural type programs. Rather than being broadcast on television, the collective minds of Bear, Bull, Sarah Monette, Will Shetterly, and Amanda Downum have delivered over the course of seven short stories and one novel a full season story arc that most television shows would kill for. Except that Shadow Unit would never be broadcast, except maybe on HBO or Showtime.
It is just getting better (and it was damned good to start).

The teaser from the website:
The FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit hunts humanity's nightmares. But there are nightmares humanity doesn't dream are real.

The Behavioral Analysis Unit sends those cases down the hall.

Welcome to Shadow Unit.
Go read it.

Go on.

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