Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Early Review of The Gathering Storm

Oh, not by me.

There’s an early review of The Gathering Storm over at Dragonmount.

In terms of marketing and promotion, I’m not sure the new Wheel of Time novel needs advance reviews. By this point, the book almost sells itself and all Tor really needs to do is just point at the book and throngs will come and buy a copy. Throngs, I tell you, throngs. So much thronging that part of the throng will turn into a throngsicle.

The Thirteenth Depository revealed
that not many advance copies will go out for this one, presumably to keep spoilers to a minimum. That’s fair. And again, unlike most novels, “New Wheel of Time Novel” just kind of promotes itself. Add to the fact that this is the first part of the three final volumes to give a true ending to the series, and, well…throngs.

Regarding the review: It's a good review. Jason doesn't get too deep into specifics and keeps spoilerific things to a minimum while still revealing that there is some excitement to come.

It whets the appetite.

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bloggeratf said...

I enjoyed Jason's review very much and I was very happy he didn't drop any major spoilers. I am thrilled the story is getting back to Rand, finally, and kind of shocked that he will be going over the deep end... I am pretty sure Lewis Therrin is going to be the one fighting the last battle, and not Rand, so it makes sense to me that the 'madness' needs to progress.

I emailed Jason to say how much I liked his review and he had a sneaky response...:

"My pleasure. And because you DIDN'T ask, I'll confirm to you only that Asmodean was killed by...

Just kidding. Take care, and thanks for visiting DM.
- Jason"