Thursday, December 18, 2008

Book Reviewer's Meme

From John Ottinger at Grasping for the Wind comes a meme of massive proportions. I'll let his words speak for what he was doing.
My list of fantasy and sf book reviewers is woefully out of date. I need your help to fix that. But rather than go through the hassle of having you send me recommendations or sticking them in comments, what you can do is take the following list and stick it on your website, then add yourself to the list, preferably in alphabetical order. That way, I will be able to track it across the web from back links, and can add each new blog to my roll as it comes along. So take this list, add it to your blog, and add a link to your blog on it. If you are already on the list, repost this meme at your blog so others can see it, and find new blogs from the links others put up on their blogs. Everybody wins! Be sure to send the list around to others as well. There is an easy to copy window of all the links and text at the bottom of this post to make it even simpler to do.

I would be ever so grateful if you would help me out.

But, then the meme got picked up by Galley Cat, SF Signal, and the blog (which may have led to John blogging for me jealous. I think they can use another short fiction blogger...anyway...). I watched the meme grow for quite a while but never posted it, until now. Now that we've got a stupendously huge list I'll throw my hat in. Silly Joe.

I'm not sure I have anything to add to it. I'm already on it (thanks to Rob, I think) and Jay Tomio's blog seems to have turned into just promotion for Bookspotcentral, which is a shame because the guy had solid reviews and posts. Gabe Chouinard came back this year at Mysterious Outposts and was consistently interesting, but it appears he's bailed and the blog was deleted. Another shame because when he's around he has good content.

7 Foot Shelves
The Accidental Bard
A Boy Goes on a Journey
A Dribble Of Ink
A Hoyden's Look at Literature
Adventures in Reading
The Agony Column
Andromeda Spaceways
The Antick Musings of G.B.H. Hornswoggler, Gent.
Ask Daphne
Australia Specfic in Focus
Author 2 Author
Barbara Martin
Bees (and Books) on the Knob
Bibliophile Stalker
The Billion Light-Year Bookshelf
Bitten by Books
The Black Library Blog
Blog, Jvstin Style
Blood of the Muse
The Book Bind
The Book Smugglers
The Book Swede
Breeni Books
Cheaper Ironies [pro columnist]
Cheryl's Musings
Critical Mass
The Crotchety Old Fan
Damien G. Walter
Danger Gal
Dark Wolf Fantasy Reviews
Darque Reviews
Dave Brendon's Fantasy and Sci-Fi Weblog
Dear Author
The Deckled Edge
Dragons, Heroes and Wizards
The Discriminating Fangirl
Dusk Before the Dawn
Enter the Octopus
Eve's Alexandria
Fantastic Reviews
Fantastic Reviews Blog
Fantasy Book Critic
Fantasy Cafe
Fantasy Debut
Fantasy Book Reviews and News
Fantasy and Sci-fi Lovin' Blog
Feminist SF - The Blog!
The Fix
The Foghorn Review
Frances Writes
From a Sci-Fi Standpoint
Fruitless Recursion
The Galaxy Express
The Gamer Rat
Genre Reviews
Graeme's Fantasy Book Review
Grasping for the Wind
The Green Man Review
Highlander's Book Reviews
The Hub Magazine
Hyperpat's Hyper Day
Ink and Keys
Jumpdrives and Cantrips
Lair of the Undead Rat
League of Reluctant Adults
Literary Escapism
Michele Lee's Book Love
The Mistress of Ancient Revelry
MIT Science Fiction Society
Monster Librarian
More Words, Deeper Hole
Mostly Harmless Books
My Favourite Books
Neth Space
The New Book Review
OF Blog of the Fallen
The Old Bat's Belfry
Outside of a Dog
Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
Piaw's Blog
Post-Weird Thoughts
Publisher's Weekly
Reading the Leaves
Realms of Speculative Fiction
Reviewer X
The Road Not Taken
Rob's Blog o' Stuff
Robots and Vamps
Sandstorm Reviews
Sci Fi Wire
Sci-Fi Fan Letter
Sci-Fi Songs [Musical Reviews]
The Sequential Rat
Severian's Fantastic Worlds
SF Diplomat
SF Gospel
SF Revu
SF Signal
SF Site
SFF World's Book Reviews
Silver Reviews
The Specusphere
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books
Speculative Fiction
Speculative Fiction Junkie
Speculative Horizons
Spiral Galaxy Reviews
Spontaneous Derivation
Sporadic Book Reviews
Stella Matutina
The Sudden Curve
The Sword Review
Tangent Online
Tehani Wessely
Temple Library Reviews [also a publisher]
True Science Fiction
Urban Fantasy Land
Vast and Cool and Unsympathetic
Variety SF
Walker of Worlds
Wands and Worlds
The Wertzone
With Intent to Commit Horror
WJ Fantasy Reviews
The World in a Satin Bag
Young Adult Science Fiction

Foreign Language (other than English)

Cititor SF [Romanian, but with English Translation] [French]

Foundation of Krantas [Chinese (traditional)]
The SF Commonwealth Office in Taiwan [Chinese (traditional) with some English essays]
Yenchin's Lair [Chinese (traditional)]

Aguarras [Brazilian, Portuguese]
Fernando Trevisan [Brazilian, Portuguese]
Human 2.0 [Brazilian, Portuguese]
Life and Times of a Talkative Bookworm [Brazilian, Porteguese]
Ponto De Convergencia [Brazilian, Portuguese]
pós-estranho [Brazilian, Portuguese]
Skavis [Brazilian, Portuguese]

Fantasy Seiten [German, Deustche]
Fantasy Buch [German, Deustche]
Literaturschock [German, Deustche]
Welt der fantasy [German, Deustche]
Bibliotheka Phantastika [German, Deustche]
SF Basar [German, Deustche]
Phantastick News [German, Deustche]
X-zine [German, Deustche]
Buchwum [German, Deustche]
Phantastick Couch [German, Deustche]
Wetterspitze [German, Deustche]
Fantasy News [German, Deustche]
Fantasy Faszination [German, Deustche]
Fantasy Guide [German, Deustche]
Zwergen Reich [German, Deustche]
Fiction Fantasy [German, Deustche]

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John Ottinger III (Grasping for the Wind) said...

Actually, blogging for Tor has been a long time coming, this was just the tipping point I think.

Thanks for posting it.