Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Agony Column, Jeremy Lassen, Eclipse Two

I've never listened to Rick Kleffel's Agony Column podcasts before, but Kleffel has a conversation with the publisher of Night Shade Books, Jeremy Lassen. The largest part of the conversation has to do with Eclipse Two, and it is a fascinating conversation.

Night Shade is one of my favorite presses and this was a great introduction to The Agony Column.

Listen to Jeremy Lassen talk about Eclipse Two at The Agony Column

So...here is what has me wondering - during the interview / conversation (not sure what it should be called), Lassen mentions that he has a long term commitment to Eclipse as an anthology series, and while right now only Eclipse Three is under contract, he hopes for more. I think that's great. I thought Eclipse One was fantastic and I expect no less from Eclipse Two (and Three). Jonathan Strahan has a great editorial eye and so seeing his name attached to a project automatically makes me want to read it.

I found the link to the podcast from a post over at Strahan's blog.

What struck me are these two sentences.

Listening to the podcast does prompt me to ponder Eclipse Three a little. It’s very likely to be the final volume in the series, though that’s by no means certain.

Hmm. Now, I don't know if Strahan said that simply because he doesn't have a contract in hand for Eclipse Four, or if he is still feeling soured from Eclipse Two (note the fuller explanation in the comments of that post). From the comment on the 12/15 post, it sounds like a combination of things: Strahan has a full plate, no contract, and, well, there was the ongoing controversy which touched the first two volumes in different ways.

I hope there is an Eclipse Four. I haven't even read Eclipse Two, and Three isn't final, but along with Lou Anders' Fast Forward series, I think Eclipse is one of the best things going today in original anthology publishing. I far prefer the unthemed anthology over the themed anthology (generally speaking).

So, speaking selfishly, I do hope that Jonathan Strahan is offered a contract for another three volumes of Eclipse and that Strahan accepts the offer. I want more.

Regarding The Agony Column...I'll be tuning in again.


RobB said...

Strahan is a terrific editor, I still have The Starry Rift, The New Space Opera and Eclipse Two making me feel guilty that I haven't yet read them. I'm really looking forward to the Conquering Swords anthology he is putting together with Lou Anders.

Joe said...

I'm not sure how I missed or forgot that Strahan AND Anders were doing an anthology together. I can't see any way that anthology won't be awesome. Do you know who is publishing it?

Larry Nolen said...

I'm interested in that anthology as well, since I'm hoping to start a regular (monthly?) feature on short fiction in the near future. Anders alone is great, but with Strahan? Ought to make for some interesting stories chosen.