Friday, December 19, 2008

some more Twilight commentary

These are old, but since this might be my Twilight Review Week, I wanted to point out another couple.

First off is Cat Rambo guest blogging at Jeff VanderMeer's Ecstatic Days. I read this when it was first posted, three months before I read the book. Rambo's post is good, but the 100+ comments are just as interesting. Rambo does spoil the series, so avert your eyes if that's a problem. Check out Cat Rambo's commentary on Twilight.

She has the usual “oh I am so ugly because it has somehow escaped me that I actually have a body type that fits inside American beauty norms” thing going. Interactions with female friends are kept to a superficial minimum because we all know women can’t do the friendship thing with each other. That might be too empowering a message. So would Bella being able to save herself. But in everything she does, every faintly brave action, Edward is her motivation, the center of the universe for her.

Then, and a recent post from VanderMeer himself pointed out Meghan McCarron's thoughts on "some things Twilight says are awesome but they are not awesome at all".

Here is #3 from McCarron's list of 8.
3. Your boyfriend, who does not sleep, stands outside your window every night without your knowledge. He also breaks into your house without warning. He also follows you whenever you leave town in case you "get" into "trouble." (Hint: this will be less awesome when he is your ex-boyfriend.)

Rambo and McCarron are both quite awesome and got their points across far more succinctly than I did.


Adele said...

lol, yup and it's not a YA thing either because Richelle Mead and Kelley Armstrong have both managed excellent novels involving Vampires and teenage girls.

Larry Nolen said...

You left out Nick Mamatas' comment that the series needed more anal sex :P

Joe said...

Larry, I completely missed that. Was it in the comments to Cat Rambo's post? If so, I kind of remember reading that comment back when the post was made but I never went back and re-read all 100+ comments.

And I'm not sure that he is wrong.

Larry Nolen said...

Yes, it was in that post and yes, based on what I've heard about the series, it is obvious that Bella should have been a "technical virgin" from the first book ;)

Amanda said...

Larry - That last comment is so true. :p