Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Thoughts on the 2015 Hugo Award Nominees, Part Three

If interested, here are the links to Parts One and Two.  I have thoughts.

Part Three is a roundup of a number of links that I have been following discussing various aspects of the final ballot.  In many cases, the discussion in the comment threads are as interesting as the original article.  This is not representative of everything that is out there, just what I had found, what was linked to me, and what I have been following. I'm sure there are another thirty pieces that are equally worth reading. 

I'd like to tell you that these are organized, but they are really not.  I could not decide in what way I wanted to organize this.'s Announcement

File 770 breaking down the relative success of slates

Chaos Horizon breaks down the Hugo math

Brad Torgersen: Stealing the Enterprise

Jim C Hines 10 Hugo Thoughts

Abigail Nussbaum's Thoughts

Vox Day on Bloc Voting

John Scalzi has thoughts.

Justin Landon: The Hugo Awards: An Entity at War with Itself

Matthew David Surridge on why he declined his Fan Writer nomination

Larry Correia on why he declined his Best Novel nomination

Annie Bellet on her Hugo nomination.

Bookworm Blues: The Hugo Awards, a Lamentation

Nerds of a Feather "Sigh"

Renay's Hugo Glitter Hellscape: Practice Reckless Optimism

Brian K Lowe: Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Puppies of War

Elizabeth Bear on the community

The Hugo Awards: The Voting System (because people should know how it actually works)

The Weasel King: An Important Note on Hugo Voting (from last year, but pertinent)

Kevin Standlee: On Voting No Award (Seriously, know how this works)

Shaun Duke: No Award and Blank Spacing

File 770: A Collection of Links of other people's thoughts

Lee Harris on the Hugo Awards

Niall Harrison at Strange Horizons on the Puppy Hugos

Amanda at the Mad Geinus Club: A Few Facts About Hugo

Jason Sanford: Yes People Do Read the Non Puppy Novels

Larry Correia: A Letter to the SMOFs, Moderates, and Fence Sitters

John C Wright: Entertainment Weekly Retracts the Libel, but Too Late

Paul Weimer: Sad Puppies and the 2015 Hugo Award Nominations

io9: The Hugos were Always Political

Adam Roberts on the Hugo Awards

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