Monday, April 20, 2015

Hugo News: Black Gate Edition

Because we cannot have nice things and also cannot go more than a day or two without Hugo-centric news, Black Gate withdraws from Hugo Consideration.  Black Gate was nominated for Best Fanzine, potentially on the strength of the Rapid Puppies slate (it was not listed on the Sad Puppies slate).

The official website of the Hugo Awards acknowledged Black Gate's intention to withdraw, but noted that the announcement came after the deadline for further withdrawals.  At this time, Black Gate will remain on the ballot.

What I am most curious about here is that because the ballots are already at the printer, Sasquan is unable to remove Black Gate from the ballot (apparently some people still use paper ballots - because science fiction is a genre of the future...) - but will Black Gate's request be honored?  Will votes for Black Gate just not be counted?  This might be the easiest solution.

We shall see if there is an official announcement.

Hats off to John Lorentz (Hugo Administrator for Sasquan) and the other members of the committee for having to do far more work, much of it in uncharted waters, than they had ever anticipated for this year's Hugo Awards. 

Anyone attending Sasquan would do well to buy these folks a drink or three.

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