Wednesday, June 11, 2014

John Harris: 2014 Hugo Award Nominated Artist Spotlight

John Harris has twice been nominated for a Hugo Award, which, if you think of it, is completely mind boggling that he has only twice been recognized by the Worldcon voters / nominators.

Harris has a very distinctive and striking style, one which is instantly recognizable as "This is a John Harris cover", a thought which is typically followed by "and it is wonderful."

Take a look at the full image of "Twin Parliaments of Pyrrus", it is a piece done specifically for Loncon and is based on a John Scalzi story, "The Back Channel", which was part of The Human Division (also, see here for a different version of just the art)

All images are used with permission.

Twin Parliaments of Pyrrus

Ancillary Justice, the full cover

Earth Awakens

Ender's Game: The Formic Nurseries

Judge of Ages

The Human Division

The Road to Fire

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Carlex said...

Great, those paintings.

I did'nt know the work of John Harris.