Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Dan Dos Santos: 2014 Hugo Award Nominated Artist Spotlight

Dan Dos Santos is a six time nominee for the Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist, and has also received a Chesley Award and a Silver Medal from Spectrum (among other awards). Oh, and you've seen his work grace many a book cover (you may recognize his stunning cover of Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker).

One of my favorite aspects of Dos Santos's work is how he uses color as well as just how well he paints vibrant, living people as part of the art. It's just high quality work. My favorite from the set below is "White Trash Zombies Apocalypse".  As a case of the art doing its job, I sort of want to read the book now. 

All images are used with permission of the artist.

Dresden Denarion

White Trash Zombies Apocalypse

Night Broken

Rose Red

Serenity #1


RobB said...

Dos Santos is incredible, I **love** that Dresden piece. That should be the cover of one of the books (or maybe an SFBC omnibus).

I was so pleased when he took over cover duties for fable and that Rose Red image is one of my favorite fantasy images, ever, i think.

Joe said...

I've been a fan of his work for a few years now. That Warbreaker cover just floored me. But, I'm just digging his work for Diana Rowland's White Trash Zombies series. Good stuff, all of it.

Peter M Last said...

First I've heard of him, but his stuff looks good. I especially like how he can do either cartoon-looking stuff as well as realistic art.

Kendall said...

I'm a fan of his work, which is superb, but he does have some excellent competition.... ;-)