Tuesday, April 08, 2014

More Eternal Sky!

I'm not going to mess around here. The big news of the day is that as part of a Big Idea post over on Scalzi's Whatever, Elizabeth Bear announced that there will be at least three more Eternal Sky novels coming down the pipeline in the future. 

Today is release day for the third book in the Eternal Sky trilogy, The Steles of the Sky.  I am sad to report that I have, so far, only read the first book: Range of Ghosts (my review). Range of Ghosts, however, is stunningly good and I will be quickly moving onto to the following two volumes. 

Bear had this to say:

While Range of Ghosts, Shattered Pillars, and Steles of the Sky comprise a complete story arc in and of themselves, I can now reveal that Tor will be publishing at least three more books in this world. We came to an agreement late last month, and I can tell you this–here, exclusively:

This second trilogy, The Lotus Kingdoms, will follow the adventures of two mismatched mercenaries–a metal automaton and a masterless swordsman–who become embroiled in the deadly interkingdom and interfamilial politics in a sweltering tropical land.

Look for them starting in 2017.

You should read these books, and everything else that Bear has written (she's that friggin good).  We have a bit of a wait, given that we are three years out from the first Lotus Kingdom novel, but that's plenty of time to build up some solid anticipation.

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