Thursday, April 08, 2010

New Tom Clancy: Dead or Alive

According to a Publisher’s Weekly article (via Omnivoracious), Tom Clancy is set to publish his first novel in seven years this December.
Dead or Alive will feature all of Clancy's best-know characters, including Jack Ryan who, along with other Campus recruits, is dispatched by the new president to track down the "Emir," the mastermind of "vicious terrorist attacks on the West," according to Penguin. The new novel "is very much of the moment," Putnam head Ivan Held said. "It's Clancy's all-stars taking on the modern threat of terrorism."
Now, while Clancy’s novels have generally featured moments (or novel-length chunks) of glacial pacing filled with techno / political jargon and code words, I have enjoyed nearly every novel Clancy has published and I had hopes that after The Teeth of the Tiger Clancy might re-invigorate his franchise with Jack Ryan, Jr at the forefront. Or, perhaps, write another novel on the Ding Chavez / Rainbow Six side. Instead, nothing followed and all signs pointing that to be the last novel Clancy would write / publish.

Not so!

Looks like this time around Clancy has a co-writer and I’ll be very interested to see if Clancy will return in top-form, or if we’ll have a doorstop tome with just a hint of goodness.

Either way, I’m kind of excited about this news. It’ll be very interesting to see what sort of scenario Clancy has come up with and I will definitely be reading this one.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Maybe the co-author will bring a fresh spin to the tale - fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking forward to this novel for so long i had started to think it wasnt going to happen. As an army veteran and police officer, it is uncanny how technically accurate most of his books are. The public should appreciate how much research and time the man has put into these novels

photographerEU said...

I am afraid this won't be his best book. None of the co-written ones of his have been.

Actually Teeth of the Tiger was the worst sequel until now. I hope bringing back the old characters can save it, but seems unlikely.