Saturday, April 03, 2010

Dragon Prince Re-Read

Just wanted to mention that I'm beginning my re-read of Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies tonight.

Dragon Prince is one of my favorite fantasy novels and one that has lingered with me over the years. It's probably been at least ten years since I've read it, though so many of the details still come starkly across my memory. I love this book.

I'm less familiar with the other novels. I've read The Star Scroll and Sunrunner's Fire a couple of times, but have less recall (I do remember some rather important moments, though). My high school library only had copies of the first and third Dragon Star novels, so that's all I've read of those, and only once each. Except for one very memorable and heartbreaking scene in Stronghold, I'll have an almost fresh experience for the second trilogy.

Very much looking forward to this re-read.

Also, check out Michael Whelan's cover art. Gorgeous. This cover marked the first time I ever really thought about where the covers came from and notice the artist as an artist.


Kendall said...

Please post more about your re-read (during or after). I read Dragon Prince and, I think, part or all of The Star Scroll a long time ago. I don't think I ever read the third book or the other trilogy.

I remember loving Dragon Prince, though. Once in a long while, I think "I should reread this book and then finish all the books in the series...." But I haven't yet; I'm interested in your take on these, whether they're as enjoyable now as I recall Dragon Prince being.

Bryce L. said...

@Kendall - Sunrunner's Fire is great, you have to read it. :)

Great idea, I still haven't read Dragon Star and I've been really considering it lately. This might be the impetus I need.

Kerry said...

These are on my "books to reread when I have some time" list, so I'll enjoy watching your reread. Have fun. I hope you enjoy them all over again.

Unknown said...

Heh. I read Dragon Prince for the first time about a month ago and I loved it to bits. On the strength of that one book, I went out and bought a whole load of other books that Melanie Rawn had written.

Joe said...

Kendall: I'll be posting about all of them. I did that with my Wheel of Time re-read last year.

Which reminds me...I still need to re-read New Spring to finish the set.

SG4: Have you read The Golden Key, the one Rawn wrote with Kate Elliott and Jennifer Roberson?

Unknown said...

Not yet, but I did snap it up sharpish before I'd read the Dragon Prince. It sounded like my kind of thing and I liked the idea of the collaboration, and some of the other stuff I was hearing about it. I think it was that and Dragon Prince that were my original purchases and obviously opted to read Dragon Prince because it was part of a completed series and I'd been told it worked quite well as a standalone, which I agree with. I've got a hardcover of The Golden Key waiting to be read now. I figure I might wait until we have a more definite release for The Diviner (and fingers crossed other books in what sounds like an intriguing series) and perhaps read it in the run up to the release of that.

Joe said...

It's good stuff, but maybe shunt it up your list a bit. The three solo novels had been on the shelf for a decade because they were contingent on Rawn writing The Diviner.

She's working on it now, but she seems to not be the fastest writer and after Rawn gets hers out, I don't know if Roberson and Elliott are still interested in doing in writing their entries.

Which is to say, go read The Golden Key. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes the golden key is great - takes a bit to get into but ti's great. Also have you read Exiles? also very good. I am going to re-red Dragon Prince with you!

Kevin said...

It's very surprising to hear some of you have not read all six books of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies. It is truly an epic and I have read all 6 books twice and am considering a third read. It is so amazing to follow the characters and their families during the course of a generation in their lives. I have come to love all of them. Go out and get all the books today!