Wednesday, May 13, 2009

GRRM is not working for you

Or, according to Neil Gaiman: "George R. R. Martin is not your bitch"

Just in case you were wondering or concerned.

The more I think about it - and since this comes up on the internet every few months - the more I agree with this position, and for a variety of reasons.


Anonymous said...

The GRRM debate isn't one that I've been particularly interested in since picking up a Game of Thrones (I guess I had figured out that Martin wasn't working for me already) and Neil's candor on the subject, along with his insights into the world of an honest to goodness human author were refreshing.

Thanks for linking it.

Unknown said...

There's little difference between criticizing an author for not writing the next volume in a series and criticizing an author for making the next volume in a series incomprehensible. Don't you know the author is king and you can have no expectations about what he/she does? You will take what they give you when they give it to you and you will like it! There's no contract.