Friday, May 08, 2009

Brandon Sanderson is a busy, busy man

This is why.

Holy crap.

And, this also goes to show that while writing A Memory of Light is a privilege and an opportunity for Brandon, it's also put a lot of stuff on the backburner and that he does still have some contractual obligations to fulfill.

Seriously, I admire his work ethic and also the fairly lengthy disclosure of what's going on and why. I know this level of communication isn't for everyone and that not every author can or should be expected to do so, but it's really cool of him to do so.

Plus, I do like his books. I've got an ARC Warbreaker on my shelf which I want to get to before June.

Oh - and do go find those faux-reviews of The Way of Kings on Amazon. They're a hoot.


Harry Markov said...

Wow, I have to admit that I am impressed. He has done so much and has way too much to go through. It actually reminds me of a sort of author's version of a huge To Be Read pile that is slow to plow through. As a writer myself I can completely relate.

ediFanoB said...

I took me a long time to read a book by Brandon Sanderson. And now I read the last book of The Final Empire trilogy. What a great series! He is an extraordinary writer.

Harry Markov said...

Is this by any chance the trilogy that has Mistborn as a first novel, because I am a bit forgetful of which books belongs where. I have it and still can't get my hands on it.

Joe said...

Harry - yes.

There's a little bit of confusion as to what the title of the first novel is.

Mistborn: The Final Empire.

Most people call the first novel Mistborn, but I suspect it's really The Final Empire.

Brandon seems to confirm this here

Harry Markov said...

This explains a lot. Hah! Thanks a lot for the info on that matter. I knew it was something like that, but the truth is that the letters as far as I remember of Mistborn were a lot bigger than the Last Empire ones, so I get that one confused.