Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh, and Metatropolis up for Hugo!

It's on the full list, but I tend to gloss over the Best Dramatic Presentations because it's about TV and movies and stuff...and I like those, but I pay attention to the Hugos for the stories.

Except, what I missed is that the audiobook of Metatropolis is up for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form!

METAtropolis features the fiction of John Scalzi, Jay Lake, Elizabeth Bear, Tobias Buckell, and Karl Schroeder. It features the voice talent of the cast of Battlestar Galactica (well, Tigh, Dualla, and Gaeta + two others not from BSG).

When it was first released I wasn't sure if I could justify the purchase, but Subterranean will be releasing the print version of Metatropolis in a few months.

So, another hearty congratulations with a doubleshot because, as Jay Lake points out, this may be the first time an audiobook cracked the the category usually reserved for movies and the like.

(via Jay Lake, because I apparently can't be bothered to read the full list myself)

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