Saturday, March 21, 2009


You heard it here second.

Cherie Priest
, she of the excellent Eden Moore novels, has a novel called Boneshaker coming out later this year. Boneshaker is Cherie's "west coast steampunk Victoriana book with zombies, air ships, toxic gas clouds, mad scientists, dead folk heroes, secret criminal societies, and Bonus! extended deleted scenes from the Civil War" book. That's not news.

The news is that she recently sold a second novel in her Clockwork Century setting called Dreadnought.

Woo to the hoo.

Dreadnought is Cherie's "battlefield adventure about a widowed nurse from a Confederate hospital aboard a west-bound train pulled by a Union war engine — now with military intrigue, murderous plots, the treachery of spies, bushwackers, bandits, sabotage, and epic scenes of mayhem" book.

Color me excited, people!

To get a teaser to the Clockwork Century, you can read Cherie's story "Tanglefoot" over at Subterranean Online.

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