Monday, March 17, 2008

Quarter 2 Forthcoming Books 2008

Taken from the Locus list of Forthcoming Books.

  • The Dreaming Void – Peter F. Hamilton: I still need to start Pandora’s Star, but I enjoyed the Night’s Dawn trilogy and new Hamilton is to be paid attention to.
  • The Born Queen – Greg Keyes: I’m a bit mixed on this series. The Briar King was one hell of an opening, but having a two year gap in between books has really brought down my ability to truly follow what is going on. I like the books, but I should be more excited for The Born Queen than I am. Even so, I would love to see how Keyes wraps up this series. Readers who get the chance to go from Book 1 through Book 4 in a period of months rather than years will likely be far more rewarded than those who have waited years.
  • Judge – Karen Traviss: The Wess’har Wars is one of my favorite science fiction series and I am excited to see how Traviss brings it together and what happens when the Eqbas reaches Earth.

  • Tides from the New Worlds – Tobias Buckell: I like Buckell’s novels and the two short stories I’ve read. Interested to read his first collection.
  • Little Brother – Cory Doctorow: Nearly everything Doctorow has published has been fascinating and well worth reading, and I expect this to be no different. I believe this is ostensibly a YA novel, but it’s Doctorow.

  • Sideways in Crime – Lou Anders (editor): My interest in this is based solely on the fact that I think very highly of Fast Forward 1. Different subject here, but if Anders’ eye for stories is as sound here as it was for Fast Forward, this should be a good set.
  • Escapement – Jay Lake: I have Mainspring on my bookshelf. This is the sequel. Pending my enjoyment of Mainspring, I’ll read Escapement.

I won’t talk about it quite yet, but July looks to be an interesting month.

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