Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Elizabeth Bear's "Knock on Coffins"

Had the chance to read the second Shadow Unit Episode: "Knock on Coffins" written by Elizabeth Bear. "Knock on Coffins", like the first episode "Breathe" is still introducing us to the characters and gives deeper looks at Solomon Todd and Madeline Frost.

It may be too early to really start to compare the episodes, but I liked "Knock on Coffins" just as much as I did "Breathe". They had two different purposes (besides the shared "Tell a great story" part), and each succeeded. "Breathe" was our intro to Shadow Unit, "Knock on Coffins" needed to tell a great story while keeping us exciting for more and answer questions raised in Breathe". It did.

I'd love to see Shadow Unit collected in book form so I could have it on my shelf. It's the best show that never was.

Episode Three, "Dexterity" airs March 17 and is written by Sarah Monette.

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