Sunday, March 02, 2008

Free Stories from Paolo Bacigalupi

John Joseph Adams, blogging over at Night Shade, points out that Paolo Bacigalupi has posted three of the stories from his new Pump Six collection.

"The Tamarisk Hunter"
"The People of Sand and Slag"
"The Fluted Girl"

Now, I first read Paolo Bacigalupi when his story "Yellow Card Man" was nominated for a Hugo last year. I hated it.

But, "The People of Sand and Slag" was in the Wastelands anthology and, ya know, it was good.

So, I'll have to check out the two stories here I haven't read. I may end up revising my opinion of Bacigalupi's fiction. (that said, I doubt I'll read "The Calorie Man" which predates "Yellow Card Man" but shares the setting).

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