Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mind Meld

The boys over at SF Signal invited me to take part in their weekly Mind Meld feature where they ask various SF professionals and bloggers their take on a particular question.

This week's question: Are science fiction book series a barrier to gaining new readership?

Also taking part this week:
Lou Anders (editor of Pyr books)
Chris Roberson (author: Paragaea, Set the Seas on Fire, etc)
Me (yes, I'm lodged in between Chris Roberson and....)
David Louis Edelman (author: Infoquake)
John Joseph Adams (editor of Wastelands, and of F&SF)

Seriously, am I not out of place here? My goal one day is to be even more out of place on an interview panel and have my answers placed between Stephen King and George R. R. Martin.

Interesting question, interesting answers. Go read it.


RobB said...

Nice going Joe! I was melded last week.

"Noted cheeseburger enthusiast?" I suppose I'd consider myself one, too. :)

Joe said...


I was just trying to be funny and JP had asked if I wanted to submit a bio or if he should just say that I liked cheeseburgers. :)

Robert said...

That was very interesting :) Congrats!