Monday, December 10, 2007

Brandon Sanderson to finish Wheel of Time

If anything can be old news in a couple of days, this is it. Tor announced on friday that Brandon Sanderson (Elantris, Mistborn) has been tapped to finish the final novel of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. The news has been making the rounds of the SFF blogs and message boards and while I don't have a sense of what the consensus is about the news, assuming there can be one, I think Sanderson's selection is a good move.

My initial wish was for George Martin to write A Memory of Light, and if I'm being honest, he is still my first choice.

But Sanderson has the love of Wheel of Time and a knowledge of epic fantasy and his styling in both Elantris and Mistborn seems that he might be able to pull it off. Plus, he is working from extensive notes, both written and recorded, as well as the fact that Jordan's wife Harriet will edit the novel (as she has done the rest of the series).

Sanderson has been interviewed over at Dragonmount where he reveals that he has every intention of writing in exactly who killed Asmodean. He better!!! I want a chapter written in first person perspective from the killer and the chapter should be titled "I Killed Asmodean". The chapter should begin, "I, Bela, the Creator, killed Asmodean..."

The first thought I had when I read about the announcement: Good for Brandon! He seems like a nice guy and is open with his readers and this is a great opportunity for him. It should be a huge boost to his career.

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