Sunday, December 09, 2007

19 Books I'm Looking For in 2008

Stolen directly from the Gravel Pit because I thought it was a great idea to look at the titles from the full year to come rather than just what might be interesting in a single quarter. Locus only went up to September, so if I am missing a great title, it is only because I am not aware of it yet.

This list is mostly in order of my interest, but after the first couple it becomes a real jumble.

1: A Dance With Dragons – George R. R. Martin (??): There is no release date set and George Martin is still working on the book, so this may not see the light of day until 2009, but on the off chance that Martin does finish early this year and it is published by Christmas, this is the title I am most looking forward to.

2: Ink and Steel – Elizabeth Bear (July): After reading Blood and Iron and Whiskey and Water this year, just about the only thing that I am more looking forward to than Ink and Steel IS a new George Martin novel. This one jumps back in time to the era of Shakespeare and Marlowe and the earlier days of the Prometheans.

3: The Republic of Thieves – Scott Lynch (June): Scott Lynch has truly delivered the goods with his first two novels and the thought that we will get a third volume in the Gentleman Bastards sequence is worth plenty of anticipation. I fully expect that this one will be just as good as the first two, and that is plenty good.

4: Judge – Karen Traviss (Apr): After reading City of Pearl I was hooked on the Wess'har Wars from Karen Traviss and the series has held its high quality through the first five books. This is the sixth and final volume.

5: Wastelands – John Joseph Adams (Jan): Anthology of post apocalyptic fiction. Featuring Stephen King, Octavia Butler, Elizabeth Bear, George R. R. Martin, Orson Scott Card, Gene Wolfe, and more.

6: Dust – Elizabeth Bear (Jan): Don't know too much about it, but it is a new novel from Elizabeth Bear and the beginning to a new series. I expect great things.

7: Zoe’s Tale – John Scalzi (Aug): Old Man's War: The Next Generation. Any questions?

8: Sly Mongoose – Tobias Buckell (Aug): The third entry in the ever improving series which began with Crystal Rain and Ragamuffin, I really want to see where Buckell takes us next.

9: Reaper’s Gale – Steven Erikson (Feb): A new Malazan novel. Enough said.

10: The Best of Lucius Shepard – Lucius Shepard (Aug): Shepard has continued to impress me with everything I have read of his, and a career retrospective is something that needs to be read.

11: Other Teddy Roosevelts – Mike Resnick (Jan): Teddy Roosevelt Vampire Hunter? Resnick brings a collection of his Roosevelt stories together here and this should be a good one.

12: Starship: Rebel – Mike Resnick (??): The fourth entry in the Starship series. Pleasure to read Resnick's Starship novels.

13: Fathom – Cherie Priest (Sept): I have only read Four and Twenty Blackbirds from Priest but that was enough to put her gothic fantasy on this list.

14: The Hero of Ages – Brandon Sanderson (June): The third Mistborn novel. The second book was a little bit of a disappointment, but the first was good enough to keep this on my list, though farther down than it might have otherwise been.

15: Stalking the Vampire – Mike Resnick (Aug): No clue what this is about, but I like Resnick.

16: The Born Queen – Greg Keyes (Apr): The conclusion to The Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone. These books have slipped a little bit in my estimation over the years, but this is still quality fantasy.

17: The Wrong Grave and Other Stores – Kelly Link (Sept): I'm curious about this collection. I'm not as high on Link's fiction as other readers are, but she is a talented writer and worth reading.

18: The Victory of Eagles – Naomi Novik (July): The fourth Temeraire novel.

19: Return of the Crimson Guard – Ian Cameron Esslemont (Aug): I have heard about this Malazan novel for years, I would love to see how it ties in and how Esslemont stands up with Erikson (they created the world together)


Anonymous said...

Just heard back from some folks on the westeros board that (sadly) the Republic of Thieves will be published in fall 2008 (not June), if not later.

I knew I had forgotten some of the titles that will be published in 2008, the "Wastelands" anthology is one of them. Great line up of authors there, hopefully they will deliver the quality of writing one can expect from such great writers.

Joe said...

As long as we have 2008, I'm okay. I think Lynch's novella collection won't be until 2009.

Wastelands should be good, this is all previously published stuff. The Octavia Butler is her "Speech Sounds" which can be found in her Bloodchild collection, the new Asimov's anthology, and likely a score of others. I've read the Elizabeth Bear story and I like that one, too. Not sure about the rest.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the rest? What about a George RR Martin or a Gene Wolfe? Fabulous writers, enough said! ;-) The short story by Elizabeth Bear will be interesting to read as well, you seem to be quite fond of her as a writer.

Joe said...

Oh! I meant that as I'm not sure if I have read any of the rest. I'm very much looking forward to the George Martin (not so much the Gene Wolfe, but that's because I didn't "get" New Sun).

Greyweather said...

I thought The Empire of Ivory was the fourth Temeraire book.

Joe said...

Shoot. I knew that. You're right. It's the fifth. That's what I get for being two books behind on the series.

Jeri said...

Interesting list! Some I've never heard of, some I'm looking forward to, and some I've burned out on. (Martin's and Novik's, in particular.)