Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Scalzi, Hill, Resnick, Moran

Subterranean Online has new stories by John Scalzi and Joe Hill posted. The Scalzi is fairly lightweight and pleasant, like his previous Subterranean offering. I rather like the ending to the Joe Hill. It's a decent twist and the story is a bit of a quirk and it shows that Hill has some range since he is the heir apparent to whatever Horror crown there is out there.

Lastly, I'm reading Mike Resnick's Starship: Mutiny at the moment and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Got some decent wit and easy military SF (sort of like Scalzi, only not really). I'm interested to see where Resnick is going with this.

Oh, also a hundred pages into Blowing My Cover. Totally worth it. It's one woman's experience in joining the CIA and how it is nothing like what she expected. Lindsay Moran is currently training (in the book) as a spy and it feels almost surreal. I'm surprised the CIA allowed this book to be published because it does reveal (so far) actual practices about the secretive organization.

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