Sunday, May 27, 2007

Minneapolis and Hennepin County Libraries to Merge

Governor Tim Pawlenty signed a bill into law which will merge the Hennepin County and Minneapolis Public Libraries.

Read about it here.

The Law.

This makes me happy simply because it means that, presumably, I won't have to request books via interlibrary loan from the Minneapolis libraries. I can just reserve them...and that opens up another range of books for me to get...unless some of those volumes not purchased by Hennepin county will not be purchased under the new system, but I'll choose to believe that I will gain from this merger.


Scooter said...

Probably wishful thinking, but it'll be nice if they don't have as many copies of some books and pick up more copies of other books because of the sharing. Of course, that was valid under ILL.

Joe said...

I have the same wish. Don't know if it'll happen, though. I doubt it.

mike c said...

This is terrible news! I see problems starting already. Loss of jobs, loss of conveniences!

Joe said...

You think? I've been excited about the merger. It makes sense (Minneapolis is part of Hennepin county after all). It should work out. There are still details to be hammered out, and maybe some administrative workers might be in jeopardy, but these are two large library systems.