Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Qubit Conflicts, by Jetse De Vries

Qubit Conflicts
Jetse De Vries
Clarkesworld May 2007

I don't understand. I think the story, such as it is, is attempting tell some sort of history and future history of computing. Or, not necessarily computing but Artificial Intelligence. I guess in theory this is an interesting concept, especially as De Vries delves a little bit deeper into a future history where AI's reshape the solar system into a more powerful computing program, but as a story, as something to thank you. It may or may not be well constructed, I don't know. Maybe Qubit Conflicts is a bit meta for me. The bottom line is that this isn’t something I would wish to read more of and De Vries did not leave me wanting more by the end of the "story".

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