Monday, October 30, 2006

Unconsumed: How the Universe Got Its Spots

I have had How the Universe Got Its Spots on my "To Read" list for several years. I finally figured that since the book was so short (less than three hundred pages) that I will just get it from the library and go. The book is a science / cosmos type book written by Janna Levin as letters to her mother explaining what it is that she does and what it is that she is so fascinated by as a scientist. The book came highly recommended from whatever source I found the recommendation years ago.

Thirty pages in and I have to stop. Levin is explaining the early bits of science working her way up to today's science and I know that it is necessary because we need to know where science came from to even be able to grasp what it is doing now. I got that from Stephen Hawking (A Brief History of Time)and Carl Sagan (Cosmos) and will probably get that from Brian Greene (The Elegant Universe) and other writers. But Levin is boring me. I do not know if it is her style or what, but I have no interest in continuing with this book.

So: Unconsumed.

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