Monday, October 30, 2006

Dead Like Me: Season 2

Dead Like Me had a closing moment that was a fitting end to the show's brief run. It was the morning after Halloween. Reggie and her mother fell asleep at George's grave. George (Ellen Muth), in the early morning dropped some candy on the blanket and tucked the blanket over her sister and mother a little bit better. Then, as she was walking away, Reggie saw George. George turned, and smiled. The closing line of the show, in voice over, was "it isn't so bad, being dead like me".

George, as we find out in the first episode, is dead. She is killed when a toilet seat falls from the space station and lands on her. Instead of moving on to the afterlife, whatever that is, George is tapped to be a Reaper. It is the job of a Reaper to take the soul of a person just before death so that they do not feel the pain of the death and then lead that soul to the afterlife. George has been at times angry and bitter, but the show has been her maturity to a young woman instead of a girl.

Even watching Dead Like Me on SciFi where I lose a little bit of the vulgarity from the original Showtime airings, Dead Like Me is a great show. I have looked forward to my Tuesday evenings with two new episodes. Alas, I have closed the book on another excellent show that beats the pants off of most of what is on television right now.

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