Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Movies: September 25 - October 8

Sweet and Lowdown (1999): I know that Sean Penn is one of America's best actors and I agree that he is a talented man and in the right movie he can really shine. But sometimes I want to kick him in the throat. As the self-absorbed lead character in this Woody Allen film, Sean Penn needed to be beaten. He is an extraordinarily talented guitar player and front man for a 5 man band, but he also treats everyone poorly and is more than a bit of a primadonna. Now, I understand that this is who the character is and Penn played the role as given extremely well, but sometimes an unlikeable character can still be watchable and interesting on screen. Not so here. Samantha Morton did well as the mute love interest of Penn's character and she was sympathetic (though assuming she isn't mentally slow, she should have realized what sort of man Penn was from the start), but Penn's character was so obnoxious I had a difficult time becoming absorbed into the movie and flowing with the story. Not so much of a recommendation here.

And yes, this was the only movie I watched for these two weeks. That's what vacations do (though I did finish three or four books on vacation, so there you go)

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