Sunday, October 29, 2006

Book 95: The Complete Peanuts 1959 - 1960

The Complete Peanuts 1959-1960 is another two year collection of the Peanuts comic drawn by Charles Schulz. This is a very nostalgic set for me because many of the strips in this collection are also collected in The Peanuts Treasury, which I had as a child. Strips included here are Linus and Mrs Othmar with the eggshells, the icicle of doom, happiness is a warm puppy, the freeway, more of Charlie Brown being a Goat, the first Appearance of Sally Brown, Sally's crush on Linus, the Mad Punter, more Great Pumpkin, and a couple of sequences that feel like the Christmas special, and the first appearance of Lucy having a psychiatrist booth and dispensing advice. This is the fifth collection of Peanuts and these early years are some of the best work that Schulz has done.


Amanda said...

*ears perk up* Did someone say Joss Whedon?! :p

Joe said...

Yes, ma'am.