Friday, September 16, 2005

Just Like Heaven radio spots

Has anyone heard the radio spots for the new Reese Witherspoon movie Just Like Heaven? The movie seems pleasant enough. She dies and doesn't know it. He can see her. Blah blah. It may actually be pretty decent because Reese has the "potential" to turn in some good movies. Some of her work has been really good in the past, but the line "Starring Reese Witherspoon" does not yet make me want to run to the theatre.

Anyway, back to the radio spots. The lines Reese has in the spot are all perky and light, but Mark Ruffalo sounds drunk. I know, he's all freaking out because she's dead and she's in front of him, but this doesn't sell me the movie.

We've got this perky dead chick and a guy who is loaded and can't deal with the fact that she walks through stuff in front of him.

Usher! Save me my seat! And get me a jumbo sized popcorn!

With that said, if my wife wants to see it I'll certainly go. It probably is a very pleasant movie and may even be good. Some critics have been saying for a few months now that this could be better than it sounds.


RobB said...

but the line "Starring Reese Witherspoon" does not yet make me want to run to the theatre.

In fact, it has the opposite effect, it makes me want to run away from the theatre.

Joe said...

It just gives me this big feeling of not caring about the movie. I have high hopes for Walk the Line, which co-stars Witherspoon as June Carter Cash.

Amanda said...

Hey there.
I really liked this movie. I saw a preview showing Thursday night. It may not be your cup of tea, but I thought it was funny and endearing. I didn't think it was too cheesy or anything. Plus, it's nice to see something clean and family friendly these days.

RobB said...

Phoenix is a very good actor, I think. The movie does look interesting despite Witherspoon.

Joe said...

Rob, you're thinking of Walk the Line with Witherspoon and Phoenix.

RobB said...


I was referring to your post of 12:53 pM

Joe said...

Oh. My bad. The comment just above. Well. Carry on. Nothing to see here. :)