Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Name is Earl and Top Model

I didn't get to watch Lost or Invasion last night because we had some severe storms and the first hour of Lost was supposed to be the season 1 recap and my wife wanted to watch the recap so she could get into this new season. Well, the first hour ended up being interrupted by the news telling us about the storm. Sandy will likely be reading some recaps so we can get into this new season soon. I have it recorded.

I would never have watched My Name is Earl if it didn't star Jason Lee. The premise is that this low life guy (Lee), who has been treating people poorly all his life, wins $100,000 on a scratch off ticket, but then gets hit by a car and loses the ticket. While in the hospital he watches Carson Daly on TRL talk about Karma and how good things have happened to him because he has done good things for others. Earl has never heard about this concept and decides to turn his life around. He makes a list of all of the bad things he has done (the list grows to over 200), and has decided that the only way to reverse all of his bad karma ("This Carson he a holy man? A spiritual leader?") is to help all the people he has hurt. Of course, being Earl, things won't go smoothly and hilarity will ensue.

Chuckles ensued and it was an entertaining show. I hope it continues to get better because the premise has some possibility with Jason Lee in the lead. Lee has excellent timing and instincts for comedy (enjoy him in the Kevin Smith movies...) and can make nearly any movie he is in better.

The other show I watched last night was America's Next Top Model. Despite itself, I continue to be entertained by the show. It was the premiere last night (was that a 2 hour episode? It seemed long even with the DVR) and I got a sense of who a few of the girls are. In the first couple of shows you never really know who is going to last because nobody can walk and few have the model poise that they'll need in two months. Still a decent show, though I wonder how long this can really go on since it is essentially the same thing every year and some of the girls start blending together.

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Jerry Steele said...

Hot chicks in bikinis formatted as a reality show...product placements and advertisements for men and women...the show will last forever.