Monday, September 26, 2005


Is it possible? A Cameron Crowe movie that I don't like? There was just no point and nothing happened and the end of the movie could have been the beginning. Set in the early 90's in Seattle there is a group of 20 and 30 something single men and women living their lives and dealing with relationships and bouncing between relationships and it just doesn't amount to much.

I can't relate to the characters and they are not very interesting to watch. It isn't that they aren't likeable, there just isn't a reason to care.

But I like Cameron Crowe. I like his movies. I loved Almost Famous. And yet...Singles. I was waiting patiently for it to end.

From what I understand, Crowe wrote and shot this before Nirvana become huge and before the "grunge" movement really took off. If that is the case than this movie can hardly be accused of poorly ripping off Nirvana and grunge when this film predates much of that and grunge was in its infancy.

Besides that triva and Paul Westerberg singing "Dylexic Heart", I just...don'

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