Thursday, September 29, 2005

Models Invade Chris Inside the Studio

I was able to catch up on some television last night.

First I watched the pilot episode of Invasion. This is the show which starts with a hurricane hitting a Florida town and there are some lights over the water and after the hurricane is over things start getting weird. The blond doctor goes missing during the hurricane and is found naked over by the water (lake, swamp, river? I'm calling it a lake). The camera focuses slowly on her new husband the sheriff with some ominous angles and slow motion and music, so he must be the bad guy. Then a priest is found the same as the woman, and then the conspiracy kook is attacked by an "alligator" though he thinks there are space aliens. I have this sneaking suspicion that this show isn't going to be able to hold my interest. In an episode where I would have thought the tension and wonder and mysteries would be held really tightly before any reveal it seems we are finding out quite a bit. So the sheriff is bad, and there might be this little army building with the priest and the doctor. Her daughter thinks she smells different. There are glowing lake creatures which may be aliens or may just be lake creatures.


Yesterday's episode better be better.

Then I watched the pilot of Everybody Hates Chris. This is a half hour comedy narrated by Chris Rock and is (supposedly) about his childhood. The half hour (or twenty minutes by DVR) goes by fairly quickly and it is a decently funny show. I smiled more than laughed out loud, but that is to be expected. The kid who plays Chris, Tyler James Williams, does a very good job. He throws off lines like Rock does and the delivery is remarkable. But I just enjoy Chris Rock's narration more than anything else. I don't know if this show will work after five episodes but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Finally I watched America's Next Top Model with Sandy. That's one of the shows we always watch together. Fairly entertaining. This season, I'm not so sure about. The models are either kind of obnoxious and annoying, or not so pretty and Sandy and I already have an idea of the final five: Kim, Lisa, Nicole, and right now that's all we have. The other two may be surprises. The best part of the show, though, was watching the pageant queen Cassandra get her hair cut off and go blond. The hair still wasn't as short as Tyra wanted because it was supposed to be Mia Farrow from Rosemary's Baby short!!

Oh, and I also watched 5/6th of Inside the Actor's Studio with Jodie Foster. I got really into that show for a while and then got tired of it because it was all the same thing and I didn't care about some of the actors and what they had to say. But when somedbody who interests me, like Jodie Foster, comes along, then I will be right there watching. But why is Elton John going to be on the show next month?

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