Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Forthcoming Books: October - November - December 2014

Coming to the end of 2014's third quarter, it is time to look ahead towards some interesting stuff being published in the final three months of the year.  I'm using the Locus Forthcoming list because even though it may not be exhaustive, it is a fairly representative list of what is coming out over the course of a year.  My list below is based simply on that which strikes my own fancy, and I'm sure I'm overlooking all sorts of excellent stuff that if only I knew more about it or was familiar with the author's work, I would be excited for it.  But, alas, I am not.

October: I'm a huge fan of Brust's Vlad Taltos series and he simply cannot write them fast enough for me now that I have finally caught up with the series.  After the year Ancillary Justice has had, I'm not sure any explanation is needed for Leckie's follow up.  I'm behind on my Hamilton, but I wanted to note this one anyway.

Hawk, by Steven Brust
The Abyss Beyond Dreams, by Peter F. Hamilton
Ancillary Sword, by Ann Leckie

November: What Baxter I have read has been fantastic, and this seems to be an impressively ambitious new novel.  I'll read everything Stephen King writes, same with Modesitt's Recluse series, and I'm interested to see where Mira Grant takes the Parisitology series.  It's not as impressive, thus far, as the Newsflesh novels, but it's still a good read.

Proxima, by Stephen Baxter
Symbiont, by Mira Grant
Revival, by Stephen King
Heritage of Cyador, by L. E. Modesitt

December: It's been 8 years since Katherine Kurtz published Childe Morgan, the second volume in her trilogy of the same name. I haven't loved this trilogy (so far) the way I have many of her other Deryni novels, but new Deryni is always cause for celebration. I only hope that, now that the trilogy is complete, she might work on either the 948 novel or the Orin and Jodotha novel which she hinted about years ago. I've also never read Nora Jemisin's Inheritance trilogy, so what better time than a new omnibus?

The Inheritance Trilogy, by N. K. Jemisin
The King's Deryni, by Katherine Kurtz


Kendall said...

Holy carp, the third Childe Morgan book, finally?! I'm about to fall over in shock. I loves me some Deryni, and Katherine Kurtz is groovy besides; I just figured this would never come out. I won't hold my breath for more, at this rate, but would be thrilled if this were the start of a resurgence in Deryni books from her. ;-)

Joe said...

I'm not holding my breath for more, given how long this one took to make it to publication, but I'd really love a couple more.

She did suggest once that she'd write a book about the year 948, which if you remember from the genealogies in the back of the books is the year that a large number of major characters of the Camber era die. I'd love to know why / how.

And she also said she might write and Orin and Jodotha novel - it would be the most historical era novel of the Deryni, but those are the two most significant magic users that Evaine was just discovering before she died / went into the light. My favorite era was easily the Camber / Evaine / Rhys Thurin timeline. The beginning of the Haldanes back on the throne.

Kendall said...

Oh yeah, I know, and I'd LOVE a 948 book, especially (I think any even quasi-fan of her books would.) She's great at raining down bad times on her characters and her world ;-) and clearly something big went down then. I remember when I first looked over the genealogies and went "uh-oh, what the heck happened to the survivors?!"

BTW if you haven't heard them, the Kelson audiobooks are very good; I'd LOVE Camber era audiobooks, sigh. ;-)

Joe said...

I'm just not a huge fan of the Kelson era books to begin with, except as they discover information of the earlier eras.

I'm with you on the genealogies, though. It's a whole bunch of "wait...what? How?!?!"