Thursday, May 08, 2014

Next Week

Since I will be on vacation and very much away from the computer beginning tomorrow morning, I want to give a heads up as to what to expect next week.  Nebula Coverage!  Are you excited?  I know I'm excited.

Monday through Thursday, I have scheduled posts for the short story, novelette, novella, and novel categories.  If you've been following along, you'll have seen reviews / discussion on most of the individual stories and novels (with the exception of Charles Gannon's Fire With Fire which I will finish tonight and not have a chance to do a full write-up on - which is a shame, because I have things to say about it today and probably won't when I come back from a nice restful island vacation. I've never had one of those).  Next week will be the category wrap-ups. 

I'm looking forward to beginning the Hugo Award coverage when I return. I have some good stuff planned for later this summer with all of the artists (right now there are two artists for which I have not yet secured permission to use their work).

With that said, I am still bringing some books along with me. I expect to do some beach reading, as well as seven hours of transit time each way.  I may not finish them all, but I expect to clear at least four of them.  Probably five.

Insomnia, by Stephen King
Starfish, by Peter Watts
Code of Conduct, by Kristine Smith
Liavek, by Will Shetterly and Emma Bull (editors)
Coyote, by Allen Steele
The Disappeared, by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
The Iron Khan, by Liz Williams

The Iron Khan is an old Night Shade ARC back before they didn't publish it, though it is my understanding from editor Marty Halpern that the Night Shade ARC matches what Morrigan later published as an e-book.


Marty Halpern said...


Here's hoping that reading The Iron Khan was worth the wait. According to Liz Williams, she'll begin working on the final Detective Inspector Chen volume, Morningstar, this year.

- martyh

Joe said...


It's one of those books I absolutely meant to read years ago and just never did, and it sat there on the shelf taunting me. This seems like a perfect time for it.

I'll be looking for Morningstar when she finishes it.

Speaking of - she only wrote the one Worldsoul novel, right? I think that was intended to be a trilogy, but we only got one (from Prime, I think). That's another that I've accidentally been sitting on for longer than I expected.