Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Julie Dillon: 2014 Hugo Nominated Artist Spotlight

Julie Dillon has been nominated for the 2013 Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist, the 2012 World Fantasy Award for Best Artist, and is a two time Chesley Award winner for her art. 

One thing that I appreciate about Dillon's art is that I want to know more about the image. Take "Ariadne", for example. It references the minotaur and the labyrinth,but who is that woman?  Why is she in the maze, and what is she seeking? Is that red fabric a weapon or her guide back through the maze?  What's up with the other maze? 

Or, "Space Sirens".  What happened there? 

Julie Dillon's art makes you think about what's going on. Good stuff.

All images are used with permission of the artist.



Launch Point

Ministry of Changes

Space Sirens

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