Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Forthcoming 2011: Q1

Welcome to the latest installment of "Stuff I'm Looking Forward To This Year". As always, I take my information from the Locus Forthcoming list, plus a little bit of extra research when I'm aware of things that should be on the Locus list and are not.

The White City, by Elizabeth Bear: The third novella / book, following New Amsterdam and Seven for a Secret.  The more I read in this series, the more I want. 

The Sea Thy Mistress, by Elizabeth Bear.  I have an ARC in my hands right now.  This is the third book of Bear's excellent Edda of Burdens trilogy.  The first two are All the Windwracked Stars and By the Mountain Bound.  FANTASTIC stuff.  

Harbinger of the Storm, by Aliette de Bodard: This is the sequel to Servant of the Underworld, which I have not read.  That first book is on my library hold list, so I suppose I don't know for sure that this should be one of my anticipated books, but this historical fantasy / mystery set in the world of the Aztecs is something new and fresh that you don't see every day.  It should be worth keeping an eye on.

Down to the Bone, by Justina Robson: This is a UK only release for now, but Down to the Bone is the fifth volume in Robson's excellent Quantum Gravity series.  The first four were released in the US by Pyr.  I assume we'll see it in the States sometimes in 2011 or 2012.  Hopefully Pyr is picking it up.  They've put out great looking editions of the first four. 

Bloodshot, by Cherie Priest: New Cherie Priest.  It's not a Clockwork Century novel (alas), but Priest describes it as: "fabulous urban fantasy adventure about a neurotic vampire/thief and her wealthy blind client, now with Bonus! Cuban drag queen and military intrigue."  Or, as I call it: New Cherie Priest.  Nuff Said.

Grail, by Elizabeth Bear: Hey look, three months, three books by eBear!   This is the third volume of the Jacob's Ladder trilogy.  I favorably reviewed the first book, Dust, and I should really get around to reviewing the second, Chill (it's even better than the first!).

The Republic of Thieves, by Scott Lynch: Is it possible?  Might it really? 

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Volume Five, by Jonathan Strahan: My favorite Year's Best anthology series.  I'm collecting these like candy. 

Lots of good stuff coming in 2011. 


Guy said...

the Pyr edition of Down to the Bone is coming in August 2011

i can be pre ordered on amazon


Joe said...

Excellent news, thanks.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Thanks for the Locus link. Pouring over it I see that Jonathan Strahan edited books are the predominant thing on my "upcoming books to be excited about" list.

Joe said...

You can't go wrong with Strahan, Carl. You really can't.

Chad Hull said...

Wow, Elizabeth Bear is a machine... I'd love to know what her daily word count is.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Saw that he put the cover image of the next Year's Best anthology...LOVE IT! And you are correct. His books are money. I have yet to be disappointed.

Joe said...

Chad: Bear works fairly steadily, though some of this is just the way publication schedules fall. There may be a gap after this next quarter, though, because I don't believe she has many more novel length works sold.

Expect to see some novella length stuff from SubPress (another book after The White City, I expect, and also another sharing the setting of Bone and Jewel Creatures). I know she's working on a follow up to A Companion to Wolves with Sarah Monette (which is sold).

Carl: Cover and TOC. Looking forward to having that on my shelf. They just all look so pretty lined up next to each other.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Yes they do! ;)