Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stuff: 10/20 Edition

Galley Cat has the cover for Point Omega, the forthcoming Don DeLillo novel. Point Omega will only be 128 pages, which after reading his equally slim novel The Body Artist, doesn't exactly fill me with hope. That said, it's DeLillo.

Over at Omnivoracious, Jeff VanderMeer interviews Subterranean Press founder and publisher Bill Schaefer. SubPress is one of my favorite publishers and it's a good interview.

Classic SF Book Covers (via Genreville)

It's not final cover, but Jonathan Strahan has posted the Todd Lockwood art for his forthcoming Night Shade dragon anthology Wings of Fire

I'm behind on posting (and writing) reviews, but in the next few weeks I've got some stuff planned (but not written). If all goes well, we should see reviews of:
Odd and the Frost Giants, by Neil Gaiman
Chasing the Dragon, by Justina Robson
Burn Me Deadly, by Alex Bledsoe
Knife of Dreams, by Robert Jordan

Also, I'm hoping to get to reading a handful of books I've purchased and also received:
Finch, by Jeff VanderMeer
Seven for a Secret, by Elizabeth Bear
Metatropolis, by John Scalzi (editor)
Busted Flush, by George R. R. Martin (editor)
The Living Dead, by John Joseph Adams (editor)
Canticle, by Ken Scholes
Jhereg, by Steven Brust
The Quiet War, by Paul McAuley
The Gathering Storm, by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

And then there's still those graphic novels I want to do. Plus a World Fantasy Award wrap-up post.

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