Thursday, January 01, 2009

Air Dates for Shadow Unit: Season Two

From Emma Bull and Elizabeth Bear comes the announcement I've seriously been waiting for since the end of May - the air dates for the second season of Shadow Unit.

This is my excited face.

Bull and Bear point you to the message board, but because I'm quite nice, I'll list them out here. They've spread out the episodes quite a bit more for Season Two. The first Sunday of each month now.

Episode One: "Lucky Day", written by Emma Bull and Elizabeth Bear: March 1, 2009
Episode Two: "Sugar", written by Leah Bobet: April 5, 2009
Episode Three: "The Sin Eater", written by Emma Bull: May 3, 2009
Episode Four: "Getaway", written by Emma Bull: June 7, 2009
Episode Five: "Wind-Up Boogeyman", written by Elizabeth Bear: July 5, 2009
Episode Six: "Cuckoo", written by Will Shetterly and Emma Bull: August 2, 2009
Episode Seven: "Smoke & Mirrors", written by Elizabeth Bear: September 6, 2009
Episode Eight: "Not Alone", written by Holly Black: October 4, 2009

The only downside here is that I (and all other right minded people who love Shadow Unit) have to wait a month between episodes. The positive here is that Shadow Unit will last from March (happy early birthday to me!) into October.

I don't know if "Not Alone" will be a (short) novel length work like Refining Fire was, but after the goodness, nay, greatness that the first season was, Shadow Unit: Season Two is my single most anticipated fiction of 2009.

And yes, this includes the conclusion to Wheel of Time, The Republic of Thieves, or A Dance with Dragons.


After that season finale, I have to know what happens next, if what I believe is true, and what the fallout is.

If you haven't read Shadow Unit yet, start with the first episode, "Breathe". You've got time before the next season starts to get all caught up.

If you have finished Season One, don't forget to catch the eighteen teasers which are set after the conclusion of Refining Fire.

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