Friday, August 15, 2008

sometimes it pays to listen

On the heels of her Campbell win, Mary Robinette Kowal was interviewed by Liz Gorinsky of The interview is available as an audio file, so take a listen and hear Mary talk about her experience at Worldcon, the Campbell, the Campbell dress, and her fiction.

After talking about a forthcoming story in Apex Digest ("Scenting the Dark", I believe, it's a good story), Mary quietly mentioned something that she did not elaborate at all on and that I just had to get confirmation on before linking the interview.

Just before she won the Campbell, Mary Kowal sold a short story collection to Subterranean Press!!!! Go Mary!

According to Mary, the collection will bring together some of less available previously published fiction. I think it's awesome. Subterranean puts out great work in beautifully bound books, and perhaps this will help expand Mary's audience a bit.

Plus, there are actually a few stories of hers which I don't believe I've read yet and I'm guessing / hoping this collection will include those earliest stories as well as some newer stuff.

Mary also has an original story coming up in Subterranean Online (the exact issue is unknown for the moment), so this has been a very good year. It'll be wonderful to actually hold a book of Mary's in my hand. Her fiction is good enough and she definitely deserves it.

There's also some other unannounced goodness to look forward to in the future.

(and yes, I did get confirmation that the news was fit for public consumption and that it wasn't just a slip of the tongue)

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Mary Robinette Kowal said...

Aw shucks, Joe, you'll make me blush.