Saturday, August 16, 2008

a good day and a sad day

A couple of days ago I received the newest issue (#350) of Weird Tales.

It's a good day because I thought my subscription had expired with #349, but it's a bad day because my subscription just expired for real.

I suscribed a while back when Weird Tales had a new subscription drive and 6 issues went for something like $12. I had to try it.

I've only read two or three of those issues, but I thought they were fantastic (I'm a bit behind). Those two issues of Weird Tales were far more satisfying than the mini subscription I had to Asimov's or the trial issue of F&SF.

I'm a bit inspired now to pour through the issues of WT on my table and catch up with my reading. Despite not wanting to pay full subscription price of $24 (still not bad, per issue), I might break down and do it if I'm still as satisfied after reading these last couple issues as I was with the first two.

Weird Tales is doing some good stuff with their magazine. Expect to read more about it here.

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