Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seeds of Change Website, now with Free Fiction!

John Joseph Adams has unveiled the website for his newest anthology: Seeds of Change

(my review)

The website features some good content, besides just plugging the book. We've got links to a bunch of reviews (including mine, so...yay), and various "bonus features" which includes author bios, interviews, and, in some cases, links to articles about topics raised in the stories. Oh, and three of the nine stories are available for free, in their entirety.

"The Future by Degrees", by Jay Lake
"Arties Aren't Stupid", by Jeremiah Tolbert
"Resistance", by Tobias Buckell

I liked two of those three stories.

So, if you want to get a hint about what the anthology is all about (beyond my review, of course), the book's website isn't a bad place to start.

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