Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm in some Hmong guy's house in Deephaven right now. We've got more guns than are technically legal. They've given me a couple that I really need to just point and pull the trigger and the gun will take care of the rest.

Did you ever feel as if your life was one big video game?

Minnetonka was damned overrun with zombies. I hate those fucking things. Zombies everywhere.

Did you know that zombies shit? Seriously. That town was covered in zombie shit. I guess all that flesh and brain they eat has to go somewhere. I had no clue zombies still had a digestive system.


I feel as safe as possible. Bloomington, to the best of my knowledge, is under water. Even the parts that it doesn't make sense, it's underwater. Something weird, I tell you. I'm in a house with twelve other people (does that make me Judas?) and only one of them speaks English. It'll come as no surprise that I speak neither White Hmong nor Green Hmong. Shoot, sometimes I can barely not stutter my way through English.

We'll see.

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