Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blog Like it's the End of the World 2008

Dear Gentle Reader,

Tomorrow is June 13. This is the official "Blog Like its the End of the World" day. You know, like I did last year.

So, tomorrow will be filled with zombie apocalypse related posting. I'm going in a different direction than last year. Less exciting, perhaps.

I have a few entries preloaded into Blogger right now, and they'll post throughout the day.

Advance apologies to Cherie Priest. I loved Not Flesh Nor Feathers so much I completely, though with love and admiration, cribbed the essential non-spoiler plot point from the novel for the zombie posts.

So...all credit, honor, praise, and respect goes to Cherie Priest for the brilliance of the idea. It's her idea. Not mine. All blame for the poor execution...well...that goes on me.

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